Wildflower Ridge Llamas

Pack llama rental in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Lease Rates*

Llamas and tack
         Peak (Aug 20 – Oct 20).. $35/llama/day, $210/llama/week
         Off-Peak ………………. $30/llama/day, $180/llama/week
Trailer rental**……… $25/day, $150/week
Transportation**** ..... $1.50/loaded mile, $100 minimum

The Process
        You will first need to decide on how many llamas you need, and when. I generally have one llama per person, depending on the size of the group. That is, there is quite a bit of "community gear" (tents, cookware, stoves, food, etc) on any given trip, and this can take up the capacity of one llama. However, unless you have a lot of gear, one llama can handle the personal gear (clothes, bedding) for two people. You also want to consider that you will likely use a daypack for water, snacks, cameras and other items that will be accessed frequently on the trail. 
        Once you have an idea of how many llamas you need and your dates, contact us to check availability. If there are llamas available, we will write up a lease and either email or snailmail it to you. We will hold your llamas for a reasonable time (a week or so) while you look over the lease terms. After you return the signed lease along with a 25% deposit, the llamas are reserved for you.
      If you've never packed with llamas, we require an orientation session before you take the llamas. During that, we will go over the equipment (tack), packing, trailering, llama care, and so forth. This orientation session can be before you come to pick the llamas up (recommended), or on the day you pick them up. There is no charge for the orientation. In some cases we can give you your panniers (packs) ahead of time so you can see what gear will fit, and how. For new packers, this can save a lot of time at the trailhead.
      On the day of your lease, we'll have the llamas haltered and ready to go. We'll help you load, and make sure you have all the equipment you need. If we are delivering them for you, we will meet you at your designated time and place. 
     Full payment of the balance is expected at the end of the lease. We do not currently accept credit cards, but that is subject to change. If you have a PayPal account, we accept that method of payment.

*All llama lease rates include llama, saddle, panniers, stake-out lines and lead ropes. 

** Requires vehicle with 1 7/8 inch hitch ball. We have 2" and 1.5" receivers with balls for class II and class III hitches. Trailer rental is free with lease of 3 or more llamas. Trailer capacity is four llamas.

****Transportation is restricted to a 3.5 hour radius of Colorado Springs, and is not always available due to scheduling. The rate is per mile with llamas loaded. Thus, delivery 100 miles from Colorado Springs would incur a 200 mile charge (100 miles to go to the trailhead and 100 miles to pick up). Handlers must be at the trailhead at the pre-arranged drop-off and pick-up times.